The Burrows/Tunnels


The Swiftwood wolves are a small breed and use this size disadvantage as a advantage. The Pack live in a maze of underground tunnels that stretch all over the territory with multiple exits and entries. Food is hidden underground as well to prevent rivals from stealing the kills. However, during the rainy seasons, the burrows are known to sometimes sink in and accidentally suffocate wolves...






The Shaman's Den

This is a burrow where the Shaman (Pern) works and sleeps. It smells of herbs and damp earth. There is a herb storage off to one side and there are nests for sick wolves to sleep in.


The Big Watch Rock


A tall rock in the center of the Swiftwood densite, it has a few little holes where young wolf pups can play in. Usually, older Swiftwood wolves stand upon it to keep watch for danger. With open spaces, there is little coverage, and hawks, eagles, coyotes and rival wolves can cause problems for unfortunate cubs straying out.