The Swiftwood wolf Pack

 Descended from the Ancient Pack during the Eternal Freeze, they branched off and away from their massive ancestors of the Dire. The Heavytimbers are their sister Pack, though they are at an eternal power struggle from the strife during the Great Suffering. Even to this day, they are trying to avenge the crimes their rivals put to their founding fathers.

The Swiftwood, as their name suggest, are a fast and wiry breed of wolf. They are small and built for speed and endurance. These wolves are master runners and pride themselves in their tiny size. It makes them expert tunnelers, as they have many burrows and tunnels that connect even beyond their territory. There are still leftovers of the very first dens during the end of the Eternal Freeze, however, buried far beneath the cold earth.

Their first Alpha was a pair of conjoined twins by the names of Fleet and Chumana. Swiftwood wolves, as a result, don't look down upon deformed wolves. Some even say they worship and celebrate them, as Fleet and Chumana proved any wolf is capable if they have the heart to put in their all.


 The Heavytimber wolf Pack

 Like their sister the Swiftwood, the Heavytimber wolves descended from the Ancient Pack during the Eternal Freeze. After the divide of the wolves who fled from the wrath of the hungry Dire to form the Swiftwood, the remains became the founders of the Heavytimbers. Though at the time, they were just called Titans. Many of the original Dire died out as their large game became all but extinct. They still carry Dire blood in their blood, as the Heavytimber breed is famous for their large build with a broad, blocky head and shoulders. Heavytimbers posses short legs and aren't made for speed but endurance.

From the ashes of the Titan wolves came the mighty Bigfoot, who took charge of the small numbers and lead his brothers and sisters from the depths of extinction. It was then they took the name Heavytimber once they lay claim over the great forests in Azi. It was there they found the Swiftwood in the Meadow territory. Unexpressed hatred came to a boiling head, hearts blazing in agony over the fall of the Ancient Pack. 

The Swiftwood and Heavytimber swore death upon the other for eachother's own betrayal. It is still to this day do the two Packs wedge war. Some say the murder of a rival Pack member is a call for celebration, which their neighbors the Treewalker often frown at. Bigfoot started the Heavytimber ritual for wearing skull masks after he slew a cougar that was terrorizing the three Packs. As a result, the Heavytimber carry on the tradition.

Many believe Bigfoot's death was an assassination but there has never been any proof. His mask was never found to this day. Though, its not often his suspicious death is used as an excuse to provoke constant war and murders for Swiftwood blood...


 The Treewalker wolf Pack

The Treewalker wolves have a strange beginning, as they didn't share any blood with the feuding Swiftwood and Heavytimber. In fact, they like to bat a blind eye to their silly wars and sneak their way around. It was because of that did they steal the evasive Vale for themselves. They were lead by a canine of Maned Wolf heritage and the only Treewalker of that exotic blood line. He was tall and lanky as well as sneaky. Spider was that leader's name, who gathered many odd-looking wolves to form a Pack of his vision, one that accepted differences and embraced them. He wanted a Pack without conflict. 

Having been raised by a lynx mother, Spider learned to scale trees and taught the Treewalker ancestors of the wild cat way. Their claws grew stronger for grasping and their bodies agile and lean. As a result, the Treewalker often hold small festivals to celebrate Spider and his feline mother. Big cats even share a odd alliance with these wolves and speak the language. However, if a Treewalker were to fall from a tree because of a faulty fall, their legs easily break and usually results in being put down by their Shaman. A Treewalker who can't climb feels they shouldn't suffer being forced onto the ground a cripple, it is a mercy.

These wolves are very tall and lean-bodied. They are usually open and friendly however very, very sneaky. Treewalker wolves like to worm their way around to find anything they can benefit from, but they never mean harm unless assaulted first. Treewalkers are like wolf ninjas of the trees, masters of stealth and some say Voodoo 'magic.' They are also rather nomadic and never den in one place in the Vale.