1. Respect Owners, Mods and Members alike. Treat them how you would like to be treated, with politeness and friendliness. Try to not let people in the roleplay feel neglected!


2. There will be no  advertising of other sites permitted here. If you aren't here to enjoy this site and role-play, don't come. It's simple as that. If you are caught advertising your own site, you will be met with repercussions from one of the admins. 

3. Please avoid using foul language. No f-bombs, no nothing. However, terms for a canine that SEEM like a cuss word may be used ONLY to describe your character.

EXAMPLE: The red wolf bitch slunk her way in.

Bitch is a term for a female canine so that can be excused.


4. No begging or asking for a high rank. High ranks are chosen by the site owners, Amadi, Zean and Insanity, or the Alpha wolves themselves. This applies to asking to be a Moderator or Owner in the Xat as well. 


 5. No detail-mating. We don't care if you do it somewhere else but keep it away from here, please. Any detail mating will lead to serious repercussions.


6. Please remain realistic and avoid powerplaying. Powers may be accepted depending on the circumstances. If you have a werewolf, you must stay in wolf form. No excuses. Shapeshifters will be the only ones allowed but only to change into a WOLF. Please remain realistic and no powers in general! (Rule has been updated.)


7. The Great Deity characters like The Night and The All Mother cannot be roleplayed. Only certain members or owners assigned to the character can roleplay them!


8. No unrealistic colors, meaning, no bright pink wolves, no blue wolves, no rainbow wolves etc. Only natural colors are allowed.


9. You are allowed to roleplay other animals here. Yes, animals like cougars, lynxes, coyotes, deer, caribou, horses... etc can be played. We believe in variety. However, humans and exotic creatures like say a zebra can't be roleplayed here.


10. ONLY Shamans, or Shaman Apprentices, may know the full extent of herbs. Wolves may know the basics, such as how to apply salve onto a minor cut, but even then we except most information of herbs to come from the Shaman only.


11.  Loner wolves will have the basic extent of knowledge that a typical lone wolf would have. This means no lone wolves will know how to climb trees, as this is a Treewalker tradition. This also means no skull masks for anyone outside of the Heavytimber pack; it would be expected that a lone wolf does not know of these traditions and does not take part in them, as they are not part of the packs themselves.


12.  Have fun in general. Tales of Azi (TOA) is here to encourage a healthy roleplaying environment that is here to help the average writer grow and improve.



Alpha Wolf: They are the leader of the wolf Pack. Usually the strongest of the wolves, they must protect the weak of their Pack and support the growth of their community. Though, they must not be afraid to show their dominance to Packmates and rivals alike.

Beta Wolf: While the Alpha Wolf is first in command, the Beta wolf is second. Usually takes the duties of Alpha Wolf when he/she isn’t around. A Beta Wolf usually takes over when a leader has died or stepped down.

The Shaman: The Shaman can be either male or female and is the spiritual connection for the Pack. They handle The Rite of Passage and read into signs sent by The All Mother and The Night. They may have mates and puppies, as the rank of Shaman is passed down by bloodlines. If there are no heirs, an outsider is picked from a brood of pups. Once a month, a Shaman and their apprentice will fast to prepare for meditation by the Mother Tree.

Subordinate Wolves
: These wolves make up the meat of the Pack, they hunt and fight for their unit group. Without them, the Pack would fail. (They are usually 10 months or older.)

Juvenile Wolves: They are the young wolves of the Pack, however, old enough to fend without the teat of their mother and aid the adults in both hunting and warfare. Its up to the Alpha Female/Male/or Beta to arrange training sessions for the young of their Pack. (They are usually six months to ten months.)

Nursing Mothers: These are female wolves who have young puppies who aren't weaned yet. Once a pup can eat solids, a nursing mother will usually return to her subordinate wolf duties and leave the care of the weaned puppies to the sentinels.

Sentinels: The Sentinel wolves handle the care of the wolf pups. When the nursing mothers return to their duties to help with hunting, combat etc, the sentinels stay behind to keep care and order among the young. They are expected to help with teaching the children the lore early on in their life. These wolves are usually expected to have the utmost patience. When there are no cubs to watch and help rear, the sentinels are usually guarding the densite.

Pups: They are the young of the Pack. (Not to be confused with juvenile wolves.) They usually can't hunt and depend on the safety of the older wolves. (They are usually six months or under.)

Elders: The old of the Pack, they speak of wisdom and are lucky enough to even retire.

Chomo-Lung-Ma - The All Mother: Chomo-Lung-Ma, better known as 'The All Mother,' is the great deity all animals of the forest believe in. She has the head of a lion, the ears and forelegs of a bear, the tail of a wolf, the horns of a moose, and the hind feet of a falcon. Chomo-Lung-Ma is also blind with vivid blue eyes. Legend states that she gave birth to the planet Earth after devouring the heavens. She rivals with her son The Night, a fox-like demon with six legs, whom is jealous of the love she expresses to the earth and disgusted of her weakness to not willingly allow the process of the life and death cycle.

Kalah - The Night
: Unlike the almighty All Mother, The Night isn’t one who animals feel safe with. While the Mother of All brings the seasons of Spring and Summer to the forest, Kalah brings the Fall and Winter. He also brings with him death, disease and night. He is a fox-like creature of demon blood, said to have been born to Chomo-Lung-Ma long before the birth of the planet. He grew jealous of the love she showed to the mortal creatures and became ill with disgust at the weakness his mother showed when it came to letting these creatures die. So, he takes that title and the hate it comes with. He is feared but Kalah knows death has to happen for life to continue... The Night has six legs and no eyes.  (He is roleplayed by Kitty.)


Life-Mates: A life mate is when two wolves are formally joined by a Shaman. (Note, genders don't restraint if a wolf can have this ceremony so male-x-male and female-x-female would be perfectly fine to have this Pack marriage.) Its a great occasion that symbolizes the growth of happiness, love and family.

The Rite of Passage: Usually performed by a Pack's Shaman, each Pack has a series of tests for their Juvenile wolves to earn the right to become full members of the Clan.

Heavytimbers: The Heavytimbers have the most prominent Rite of Passage. Due to the ancient Alpha Bigfoot, he began the practice of the skull mask after he slew a cougar and wore its head and pelt. When a Juvenile reaches the end of their training, they must head out on a lone hunt and kill an animal of their choice. Then, bring its skull back to the Shaman and Alpha to prove their worth as a full member of the Pack. The better the skull, the better the bragging rights and title. A full Heavytimber wolf will wear this very skull for most of its adult life, using it as a helmet in battle and to intimidate other rival Packs and animals. However, skulls such as a cougar, bear or moose are rather rare to possess.

Swiftwoods: The Swiftwoods use the Great Scar for their Rite of Passages. Long ago, the land split into many pieces and left behind a series of gullies and gorges after a earthquake in ancient times. Usually, the Shaman will send a group of Juveniles to navigate the maze and return before the sky turns into night. Its a dangerous task, as some young wolves were said to get killed by mountain cats, landslides and the earth simply breaking beneath their paws.


Spring: Time of Rebirth

Summer: Season of the Sun

Fall: Time of Decay

Winter: Season of the Deep Freeze

Badblood, a term used for a wolf of different bloodlines (EXAMPLE: Swiftwood-x-Heavytimber, etc.)

Lone Wolf, the term for a wolf who lives in the same area alone. (Not to be confused with a rogue/drifter!)

Rogue, drifter, a term used for a wolf that travels around and doesn't stay in one place. Rogues usually like to cause mischief for wolf Packs. (Not to be confused with a lone wolf!)

"You're about as reliable as a buffalo!" Affectionate term for a clumsy wolf.

"What's the matter? Bees in your mouth?" Basically a wolf version of 'Cat's got your tongue?'

Leash-licker, a wolf term for any canine who is owned by humans or is dependent on them.

"Caribou-dung!" Basically a term that is related to 'crap.'

"Mangy Leash-licker!" Hostile term/insult for a insubordinate wolf.

"You remind me of a leech... just about as smart as one too." Insultive term to a clingy wolf, as well as their intelligence.

Pets, a term for a house dog about their human.

"Leatherhead!" Term for someone who doesn't listen much.

The Eternal Freeze: Term for the Age Ice.

Age of Suffering: The Swiftwood and Heavytimber tale of how the two Packs had come to be, as well as their hatred of one another.



The Swiftwoods & The Heavytimbers: Generations ago, when the land was stained in white, the air cold and crisp for eternity. There was a pack of dire wolves, the biggest of the wolves that had inhabited the Eternal Freeze. They were mighty and strong, dedicated to one another and bonded by brotherhood.

However. Nothing lasts forever...

And the Eternal Freeze began to end, snow melting and flooding the land they lived upon. The Clan depended on the large game and with the ending of the Eternal Freeze came the disappearance of the said food. It became less and less, and the Age of Suffering came to a head.

There was no food, and many died. The smaller of the Pack, these the ancestors of the Swiftwood Pack, became victim of the bigger dires, the wolves killing and eating the carcasses of once they called their own brothers and sisters. These small wolves were horrified, the ancestors of the future Swiftwood Clan finally deciding it was best to flee, to run away from the Pack that were feeding upon their small forms. Some wolves were kept alive, missing limbs due to the intense hunger both themselves and the Clan suffered.

So, these small wolves fled, running as fast as they could. The larger wolves were enraged, wanting to blame their brothers for running away, upset that they could dare to abandon their kin, what the Pack called family. 

From the escape, these smaller wolves found they could trail rabbits and other small land animals via burrows, being able to squeeze into tight places to retrieve food that other wise was impossible for their bigger dire brothers. Generations passed and these ancestors bred to make smaller and smaller wolves, easily making it through the Age of Suffering.

The ancestors of the Swiftwoods thrived on but the Heavytimber? They nearly died out, the dire wolves dying out and the last of the original Clan had finally ended, no longer existing. But the tales carried on and the two Packs find the hate between each other.

The Swiftwoods see bloodthirsty savages, and the Heavytimbers see nothing but cowardly traitors...

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