Located among the masses of tall trees and thick foliage is the Heavytimber densite. The wolves own a large series of rocky faces and caves of where they will den and sleep in. There is a scouting cliff at the top of the den for the sentinel wolves to stand guard over and watch for intruders.



 The Shaman (Carnival) works and sleeps here. The den is located by the back of the large cave, sheltered by brambles and thorns. Usually when wolves are ill or hurt, they stay here. There's a small creek that runs through a crack in the stone wall for patients to drink from.


Goal for Tales of Azi: Bring back activity~


The long and harsh Time of Decay has finally passed. Now another new era of fresh life returns to continue on as always...

After moons of cold weather the sun is finally shining again, warming the forests of Azi once more.

Tales of Azi will be recruiting high ranks for the Packs!  The position for Swiftwood Alpha, Beta, and Shaman are up for grabs! Heavytimbers as well are looking for a Beta and Shaman too! Treewalkers need a Beta and any of these ranks could be you! Insanity, Amadi and Zean will be keeping a look out for capable members to fill these positions!

Although we will be keeping the name Tales of Azi, Wolf Kugyay has been re-affiliated with Kugyay. Be sure to go check it out http://www.kugyay.org/

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