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16 years old
Somewhere over the rainbow
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Hello and welcome to my profile for this wolfie thingie. I know I might not seem serious now but trust me I CAN CHANGE. Anyways now for my one and only character


Basic Info:

Gender: Male

Pack: None, loner

Crush: HAHA you think I'd tell you (its no one)

Age: 25 human years

Mate: None

Pups: None

Description: Look at my profile picture. :P Some other stuff though is that he's a pretty big wolf, but not too big, and has a few other scars around his body.

Personality: He's pretty grumpy and prefers being alone, which is why he is not a part of any of the packs. Rannulf loves to steal, though, from other lone wolves if he gets the chance, though he won't do this if he finds the wolf a bit... interesting. Rannulf tries to act all tough, but can get embarassed pretty easily. If you get to know him well enough, he isn't that bad of a guy. He's a pretty loyal friend as long as you gained his trust. He loves to joke around with his friends and is really playful, which is pretty surprising considering his usual grumpy personality.

Bio and stuff: Rannulf was born into a pack, and was named because he would often steal food from his siblings.( Rannulf means plundering wolf, or stealing wolf). He grew up in low ranks, though, because of this. Rannulf was bound to be an omega unless he left, and that's what he did. Instead of accepting that he would have to live as an omega, he simply ran away one night and never came back. His pack never looked for him, so he was free pretty easily. Ever since he's been using his stealing skills to take from other wolves, but is pretty good at hunting himself, he's just lazy. Rannulf is also a pretty good fighter, but not the best, he's lost plenty of battles, which can be seen by his scars.

About Me

Well I assume some of you want to know about me myself, right? No? Too bad.

My name is Olivia, and I used to come on here a long time ago. I only really made another account because I forgot my old one and I'm too lazy to try and find it. I think I was in riverclan though. Anyways, an online name people usually call me is Meepy, so if you wanna call me that, that's cool. I really love to draw, and infact, I did draw my own profile pic. I know it sucks, but oh well. It's pretty good for a 13 year old, atleast that's what people tell me. I think it sucks though. I'm really into FNAF (Five nights at Freddy's) right now, and really wish there was some cool rps for it but nope. I also love anime, my favorite being Dangan Ronpa ( which is infact, also a game with a sequel), and I'll love you forever if you like it too. So uh... I like to roleplay obviously. My favorite color is green and my lucky number is 8. I have 3 cats and a dog who drives me crazy. So yea. Other stuff:

My steam username: Meepy ( My profile pic is a snake security guard dude)

Tumblr: Neko-Maru-Nidai.tumblr.com ( I barely go on there but oh well)

Wanna see more pics of Rannulf? Check out my deviant art!

Deviantart: http://ultracoolsupersonic.deviantart.com/ ;

Cat Kugyay username: Weaselkit/Owlkit

If you wanna roleplay just ask me, but here's a warning: I may roleplay seriously, but I ain't that serious out of rp. Just sayin'. Ok that's it. Buh bye for now friendos.

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