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Due to the fact that I am currently in high school, I will be inactive for a while Dx sorry! If you need me please PM me!


I’m Zean, one of the current co-owners for Tales of Azi. I look forward to rping and chatting with you :3 If you have any questions, any questions at all, feel free to ask! I’m always available, even if I space or seem a bit busy x3

Zean the Heavytimber Alpha

For being from a pack of brutes, Zean is not overtly muscular. Rather, he is an average Heavytimber; broad but lacking in height. He wears a elk skull mask, decorated in various colors across the skull and antlers. He is a black-furred, blue eye wolf with little patience and a short-temper. He is quite indifferent most of the time, and his eyes almost always look cold, no matter what mood he is in. And while he can be hard to get along with, he is quite intelligent and possesses a sarcastic sense of humor.

Currently, my other characters are -

Mort the Treewalker Subordinate

Tripp the Swiftwood Subordinate

Nacht the loner

Jasper the Lynx, Treewalker Juvenile

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11:03 AM on February 4, 2014 
eyy.. how is life?
Reply Plague And Others
5:05 PM on August 28, 2013 
Hush hush. I know. c:
Reply Plague And Others
2:12 PM on August 16, 2013 
Hello, I was wondering if my wolf Plauge could join the Pack. Click my username to find out more about him..
Reply .:Snowflake:.
3:44 PM on July 18, 2013 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Nightfang
6:04 PM on June 28, 2013 
Hey zean pm ur decision about ticky i know he will make a fine pack member
Reply liah
2:23 PM on June 7, 2013 
Hi there
Reply Nightfang
8:45 AM on May 31, 2013 
congrats zean u'll make a fine alpha
Reply .:Meadow:.
10:40 AM on May 12, 2013 
Old fart.
Reply ᴛᴀɪɴᴛᴇᴅ
9:28 PM on May 11, 2013 
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Reply c r u z e
10:24 PM on May 9, 2013 
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Goal for Tales of Azi: Bring back activity~


The long and harsh Time of Decay has finally passed. Now another new era of fresh life returns to continue on as always...

After moons of cold weather the sun is finally shining again, warming the forests of Azi once more.

Tales of Azi will be recruiting high ranks for the Packs!  The position for Swiftwood Alpha, Beta, and Shaman are up for grabs! Heavytimbers as well are looking for a Beta and Shaman too! Treewalkers need a Beta and any of these ranks could be you! Insanity, Amadi and Zean will be keeping a look out for capable members to fill these positions!

Although we will be keeping the name Tales of Azi, Wolf Kugyay has been re-affiliated with Kugyay. Be sure to go check it out http://www.kugyay.org/

Need help? Click here for Amadi's profile!


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